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There has been speculation that the buildings located on the bottom of the inside front cover mirror the characters from the back inside cover. This section is meant to help identify the buildings.

13 - Bevel Ternky

12 -

11 -

10 - General Klobberduck

9 -

8 -

7 -

6 - If you are matching buildings to residents, shouldn't this one be Ternky? This one appears to be in front of a domed stadium or some kind of covered sports arena. RCA Dome in Indianapolis (demolished) or Metrodome in Minneapolis had/have that kind of quilted-looking roof. Look for something built in the '80s?

5 - The ninth building in the row appears to be the U.S. Capitol. It matches up with the mime, Bert D'Grnp, on the inside back cover. Bert is posed in a "hear no evil" style in the back. His apartment has a "talking room"; Congress has a "Speaker" and various named rooms (Reading Room, Cloak Room, etc.). Bert has CDs in his apartment; the capitol is in DC.

4 - This tower looks a little like San Antonio or Oklahoma City, but not quite a match for either one, imho:

3 -

2 -

1 - Travis Pupkin - building appears to be an official government building

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