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As per the title & plot of the novel, clocks appear on most floors in the book, and often at times inconsistent with the time frame of the story, possibly making them location clues.


  • The two large clocks: The left one is at around 4:55, the rightmost one is at about 9:40. The hands could also look like the numbers 1 and 7, or possible the letters I and upside-down L

13th Floor[]

  • 2 clocks about Ternky's bed, both at around 2:23-ish

11th Floor[]

  • Pile of dozens of clocks in the corner. Impossible ? or pointless ? to discern times on them all?

10th Floor[]

  • Left corner: Clock at what appears to be 9:00 on the button, or very close (and 7 or so sec)

8th Floor[]

  • In the kitchen: approx. 1:00 (or is that approx. 12:05?)
  • Grandfather clock by door: approx. 1:00

4th Floor[]

  • Meter hooked to large hampster wheel: hand points to approx. 2 hr / 10 min mark

3rd Floor[]

  • In darkroom: approx. 6:00

1st Floor[]

  • Grandfather clock: approx. 7:10

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