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Eighth Floor

The Eighth Floor of Turnky Tower is home to Amber & Jaime Kaulken. In addition to a small entryway, it contains five rooms and a large pantry. The emerald number 10 was found May 26, 2010, using clues from the Eighth Floor.

Animated Scene From Official Website[]

  • Living Room
  • Picture Caption: "Smells were observed to be bad-smelling"
  • Animation: Cup with straw near trash can spills contents while flies fly in front of Connect Four game.


  • The clock over the sink and the clock in the alcove, center right, both read one o'clock.
  • The Hop Scotch game has a stone in the '5' and "9' spot.
  • 1 frisbee, 6 jacks (1 ball and 5 jacks), 1 boomerang = 161?

Recurring Themes[]

  • Stolen Item From Another Floor: Munari Bakula's anti-gravity boots might be sitting next to the front door. But the red and blue boots (with wire in sole) on the First Floor between the desk and the blackboard look more like anti-gravity boots.
  • Missing Item Found On Another Floor: The Burpy Bear lunchbox is on the Eleventh Floor.
  • Pink Doughnuts: Kitchen table (behind the pitcher)
  • Eye: Drawn on a red door near the connect four game
  • Cereal: "Bowls filled with soggy bits of cereal and brightly colored milk were still on the table."
  • Cleaning equipment: A broom is being used for a swing.
  • Shower head: kitchen sink sprayer is hanging down and leaking (snake motif?)
  • Clocks: Just inside front door and over kitchen sink. Both appear to show 1 o'clock.
  • Leaks: Splashes from water balloons all over bathroom. Kitchen dish sprayer leaking onto floor.
  • Ladder: Step ladder set up in bathroom with water balloons on top.

Other Items of Interest[]

State - Highway - Mile[]

A copy of The Clock Without a Face can be seen on the Fifth Floor. Residents Vera Mazel & Josie Grey are self-described puzzle people. When discussing the book, Vera asks for help saying that she had found the state and the mile, but can't find the highway. This has lead to the speculation that each buried number can be found by deducing a state, highway, and mile for each floor using clues found on each floor. The following section can be used for documenting any speculation as to which state, mile, and highway to which this floor may hint.


Final Solution:

  • Connecticut -- The Connect Four game is sitting next to the eye and a pair of scissors.


Final Solution:

  • I-95
  • "samcat23" of wrote " the Hopscotch board has 2 rocks on it. Assuming a normal numbering of the squares the rocks are in the 9 and 5 spots.
  • "bethsbet" further noted that the Hopscotch board points to a picture of an eye drawn on the wall. This could reference I-95 (Interstate 95) which runs along the East Coast from Maine to Florida.


Final Solution:

  • 10 -- Method uncertain - possibly 'X' for eye of teddy bear.

Emerald Number Found[]

  • 10.


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