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A number of clues for the hunt appear to be contained within anagrams. It is not yet clear how this system of anagrams will convey a deeper meaning. Feel free to add new anagrams. Also help to place clues in their proper floors as they are sorted out and feel free to post theories about their meaning

Elevator Shaft[]

On all floors except the 10th (where Gus claims to have been scared by jungle creatures while sketching) the elevator shaft is shown.

Possible Anagrams[]

Reveals Hat Oft

Several That Of

Leaver Shaft To

Reveal Aft Shot

Leaves That For

Leave Trash Oft

Flasher At Veto

Father Oval Set

Sheaf Travel To

Sheaf Avert Lot

Flea That Overs

Leaf Harvest To

Leaf Avert Shot

Leaf That Roves

Florae Vast The

Falter Vase Hot

Flatter Vase Oh

Fleas Hat Trove

Festal Rave Tho

Relationships to Other Apartments and The Overall Hunt[]

Overall hunt -

  1. Reveals Hat Oft - There are hats in many apartments.


Floor 13

Floor 12

Floor 11 -

Floor 10 -

  1. The Vast Florae - The plants on this floor are large and extensive (vast?).

Floor 9

Floor 8 -

  1. Flea That Overs - Could this refer to the "Flies that Hover" in the animated snapshot on the Gus Twintig website?
  2. Leave Trash Oft - Residents of this floor do not dispose of their trash.

Floor 7 -

Floor 6

Floor 5 -

Floor 4

Floor 3

  1. Falter Vase Hot - In the animated snapshot for this floor, a vase falls out of the hot kiln, breaking.
  2. Flatter Vase Oh

Floor 2

Floor 1

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