The Clock Without A Face Wiki


Eyes turn up in many places throughout Ternky Towers.

First Floor[]

  • Front Door
  • Book on desk

Second Floor[]

  • There is a pink eye framed on the wall in the central room, by a wall fan.
  • There is also an eye on a warning sign next to the wall of red lasers, and another on a warning sign on one of the stall doors in the bathroom.
  • The camera at the entry to the laser room resembles an eyeball.

Third Floor[]

  • Hanging on a line in the dark room
  • On wall over tv

Fourth Floor[]

  • Bathroom doorknob.

Fifth Floor[]

  • Unknown

Sixth Floor[]

  • The hole in the plaster near the couch is eye-shaped

Seventh Floor[]

  • Unknown

Eighth Floor[]

  • Drawn on a red door near the connect four game

Ninth Floor[]

  • Unknown

Tenth Floor[]

  • Unknown

Eleventh Floor[]

  • Unknown

Twelfth Floor[]

  • A bowl of eyes and a single eye are sitting on a kitchen counter

Thirteenth Floor[]

  • One located on the item in the safe
  • One located on the obelisk

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