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Fifth Floor

The Fifth Floor of Ternky Tower is home to Vera Mazel & Josie Grey. It contains five rooms and one large closet. The emerald number 8 was found May 26, 2010, using clues from the Fifth Floor.

Animated Scene From Official Website[]


  • The number 39 appears on a book under a table leg in the dining room. "The 39 Clues" is a series of interactive adventure books geared toward children first published in 2008 that combines the books, playing cards, and online missions in which prizes can be won.
  • 54 squares on the Rubik's Cube
  • The boxes are a magic square with the magic number being 21.[1]
Add the columns, and they all equal 21 as well.
  • 2 - The book on the table is open to the second floor.

Recurring Themes[]

  • Stolen Item From Another Floor: Pink Pony toothbrush belonging to Krieger Manzarek of the Second Floor. On kitchen countertop near a cane, next to the box pointing left.
  • Missing Item Found On Another Floor: The Victrola is on the Twelfth Floor.
  • Pink Doughnuts: On the kitchen floor amidst all the boxes.
  • Eye:
  • Cleaning equipment: Orange detergent bottle on top of box in kitchen.
  • Leak: On the website, Bethsbet wrote on 19 April 2010: "The word mazel literally means "a drip from above." Mazel can have different connotations depending on its context, but they are all connected to this basic definition--something trickling down from above. From the apartment above?" Link:

Other Items of Interest[]

  • In the story text, Vera and Josie are trying to solve a puzzle. They state that they have found the state and mile, but not the highway. The book on the table is opened to the Second Floor.

State - Highway - Mile[]

A copy of The Clock Without a Face can be seen on the Fifth Floor. Residents Vera Mazel & Josie Grey are self-described puzzle people. When discussing the book, Vera asks for help saying that she had found the state and the mile, but can't find the highway. This has lead to the speculation that each buried number can be found by deducing a state, highway, and mile for each floor using clues found on each floor. The following section can be used for documenting any speculation as to which state, mile, and highway to which this floor may hint.


Final Solution:

  • Illinois -- Based on the magic square (above) answer of 21. The 21st state that joined the union was Illinois in 1818.


Final Solution:

  • I-39 -- Based on "39 clues" book under the table


Final Solution:

  • 2 -- Based on repeated references to the number two in the text and the book open to the Second Floor.

Emerald Number Found[]

  • 8.


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Floors - Tenants
First Floor Travis Pupkin
Second Floor Krieger Manzarek
Third Floor Rosa Tse-Levy
Fourth Floor Sigfried Plumpjack
Fifth Floor Vera Mazel & Josie Grey
Sixth Floor Bert D'Grnp
Seventh Floor Jigsy Squonk
Eighth Floor Amber & Jaime Kaulken
Ninth Floor Munari Bakula
Tenth Floor General Klobberduck
Eleventh Floor Ida Mayfield
Twelfth Floor P.K. Quello
Thirteenth Floor Bevel Ternky