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Ida Mayfield

Ida Mayfield lives on the Eleventh Floor Floor of Ternky Towers

Missing Item[]

  • Ida is missing a zucchini.

Name Connections[]

  • Ida Mayfield Wood was a famous hoarder who lived in the Herald Square Hotel in New York City from 1907-1931. She was born in Massachusetts and changed her name from Ellen Walsh to Ida Mayfield.
  • Ida Mayfield is an anagram of Aided Family. The only clearly defined family members are Amber & Jamie Kaulken on the 8th flood. Ida has their Burpy Bear lunchbox.


  • After getting the marshmallow, she explains that she found it in Gary, Indiana. under the question "who is Gus?", it talks about his history with 'Marsh' and confectioneries.


  • The narrator calls her 'Linda' right after talking about the marshmallow.

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