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Rosa Tse-Levy

Rosa Tse-Levy lives on the Third Floor of Ternky Towers

Missing Item[]

  • Rosa is missing a 12-headed self-portrait statue, which is on the Ninth Floor.

Origin of Name[]

  • Rosa Tse-Levy is a pun (on a pun, no less) on Duchamp's female alter ego, Rrose Selavy, "eros c'est la vie" or "Love, that's life." [Posted by jeagleton on the HitContests website, 02 May 2010.] Duchamp is the artist who created the sculpture called "Fountain," made of a urinal and considered an icon of the Da Da art movement. [There is an homage to this piece in the bathroom on the 13th floor.]
  • I am wondering if her name is a pun. "Rosa Tse-Levy" = "Rose a Sea Levee"? There's a Highway 445 in Louisiana. [Posted by Everything_Rises on the HitContests website, 22 April 2010.]
  • nb: at the end of the narration, the only mention of the woman of the third floor by name refers to her as "Ms. Sweet".

Floors - Tenants
First Floor Travis Pupkin
Second Floor Krieger Manzarek
Third Floor Rosa Tse-Levy
Fourth Floor Sigfried Plumpjack
Fifth Floor Vera Mazel & Josie Grey
Sixth Floor Bert D'Grnp
Seventh Floor Jigsy Squonk
Eighth Floor Amber & Jaime Kaulken
Ninth Floor Munari Bakula
Tenth Floor General Klobberduck
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