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Second Floor

The Second Floor of Ternky Tower is home to Krieger Manzarek. It contains 13 rooms.

Animated Scene From Official Website[]

  • Bottom Corner
  • Picture Caption: "This was not fun"
  • Animation: Pot boils, security camera moves back and forth, laser beams


  • The numbers 3:28, 1:80, 4:14, and 9:12 appear on an electronic device hanging in the inner most room.
    • If they are added, 1,834. If 1:80 is converted to a time (2:20), the sum is 1,874. No states were established either year.
  • There are 35 tally marks (7 sets of 5) over Manzarek's bed.
  • H2O is written on the barrels.

Recurring Themes[]

  • Stolen Item From Another Floor: Montecore's metronome from the Fourth Floor is on the table next to the bed.
  • Missing Item Found On Another Floor: Krieger's Pink Pony toothbrush is on the Fifth Floor.
  • 'Pink Doughnuts': It is possible that the pink doughnut is the center of the eye in the bedroom noted below under "eye".
  • Eye: There is a pink eye framed on the wall in the central room, by a wall fan.
    There is also an eye on a warning sign next to the wall of red lasers, and another on a warning sign on one of the stall doors in the bathroom.
    The camera at the entry to the laser room resembles an eyeball.
  • Snake: vipers used as part of security system.
  • Clocks: If the numbers under the surveillance screen in Manzarek's room are a digital clock, one number doesn't fit: 3:28, 4:14, 1:80, 9:12.
  • Leak:
  • Ladder: Access over fish tank by ladder. Second rung from top is broken.
  • The number 2 is on the side of the shaft. It's the only number painted on the door of the shaft.

Other Items of Interest[]

  • Correction to above: The symbol is a radura, used to symbolized radiated food.
  • This company screens fruit before it can be imported. Many of the apartments in the building contain fruit.
  • Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek were members of the Doors.[1]

State - Highway - Mile[]

A copy of The Clock Without a Face can be seen on the Fifth Floor. Residents Vera Mazel & Josie Grey are self-described puzzle people. When discussing the book, Vera asks for help saying that she had found the state and the mile, but can't find the highway. This has lead to the speculation that each buried number can be found by deducing a state, highway, and mile for each floor using clues found on each floor. The following section can be used for documenting any speculation as to which state, mile, and highway to which this floor may hint.


  • Texas -- Stars on the boxes of Chili
  • The 35th (marks on wall) state to join the Union was West Virginia.
  • Kansas - the state motto is "Ad Astra per Aspera," or "To the Stars with Difficulty." One can only get to the center room "with difficulty," and in that room is a telescope that seems to be aimed at the stars on the chili boxes.


  • I-80 -- The "clock" could simply read I:80


  • 180 -- the only "time" on the clock that isn't in the standard form.


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Floors - Tenants
First Floor Travis Pupkin
Second Floor Krieger Manzarek
Third Floor Rosa Tse-Levy
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