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Seventh Floor

The Seventh Floor of Ternky Tower is home to Jigsy Squonk. In addition to a small entryway, it contains four rooms. The emerald number 7 was found May 25, 2010, using clues from the Seventh Floor.

Animated Scene From Official Website[]

  • Right Side of Main Room
  • Picture Caption: "The fun here was not as fun as other fun I had previously funned"
  • Animation: Water gun balloon game.


  • 56 - The ketchup bottle has the number 56 on its label (Heinz has a similar label, but with a 57: Heinz 57).
  • 91.1 - appears in the corner of the television.
  • 7 - appears on a 7up bottle
  • 5 - the number on the green bumper car
  • 25 - number of pounds of cotton candy mix
  • 30 - on pizza box
  • 80 - number of baloons on the wall. [Actually, the 80 comes from the face of the fallen wig stand. 8 for the eyes and 0 for the mouth.]

Recurring Themes[]

  • Stolen Item From Another Floor: Bert D'Grnp's antique Belgian unicycle from the Sixth Floor.
  • Missing Item Found On Another Floor: Jigsy's lavender bubble shoes are under the couch on the Sixth Floor.
  • Pink Doughnuts: on bunk, far left side of the picture.
  • Eye:
  • Cereal: An open box and bowl with milk on table between port-a-john and squirting daisy.
  • Clocks: Clock radio on bedside table.
  • Leak: Dunk tank has created large puddle on floor of Midway Room. Also squirting daisies on table and outside window sill?
  • Ladder: On side of dunk tank.

Other Items of Interest[]

State - Highway - Mile[]

A copy of The Clock Without a Face can be seen on the Fifth Floor. Residents Vera Mazel & Josie Grey are self-described puzzle people. When discussing the book, Vera asks for help saying that she had found the state and the mile, but can't find the highway. This has lead to the speculation that each buried number can be found by deducing a state, highway, and mile for each floor using clues found on each floor. The following section can be used for documenting any speculation as to which state, mile, and highway to which this floor may hint.


Final Solution:

  • Indiana -- There appears to be a map of the United States behind the balloons in the dart game. The Chicago area is the only section not covered with balloons.


Final Solution:

  • I-80/90 - There are exactly 80 balloons on the wall.


Final Solution:

  • 56 -- From the Heinz 57 styled bottle with the number "56" on it.

Emerald Number Found[]

  • 7.


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