The tenants of Ternky Towers had one object stolen from their homes. The objects appear on other floors within the building.


Item Stolen Owner Floor Stolen From Area Stolen From Floor Object Appears On Area Object Now Appears
Magnifying Glass Travis Pupkin First Floor Living Room Third Floor Art Desk
Pink Poney toothbrush Krieger Manzarek Second Floor Fifth Floor Kitchen countertop near cane
Twelve-Headed Statue Rosa Tse-Levy Third Floor Bedroom Ninth Floor In bedroom trashcan
Metronome Sigfried Plumpjack Fourth Floor Piano Second Floor On the garbage chute
Victrola Vera Mazel & Josie Grey Fifth Floor Twelfth Floor Behind the "in" sign on the main contraption
Belgian antique unicycle Bert D'Grnp Sixth Floor Seventh Floor Beside the television
Lavender Bubble Shoes Jigsy Squonk Seventh Floor Sixth Floor Beneath couch
Burpy Bear lunchbox Amber & Jaime Kaulken Eighth Floor Eleventh Floor Near Pink Donut Pile
green galoshes (anti-gravity boots) Munari Bakula Ninth Floor Eighth Floor Entryway
Hunting Rifle General Klobberduck Tenth Floor Fourth Floor Among tube maze in top room
Zucchini Ida Mayfield Eleventh Floor Fourth Floor Kitchen table
Six Lead Bars P.K. Quello Twelfth Floor Tenth Floor Beside the pond
Clock Numbers Bevel Ternky Thirteenth Floor

Stolen Objects Pink Doughnuts Clocks Rockets/Explosives
Eyes Snakes Ladders Leaks
Cereal Cleaning Equipment