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The Story So Far...

Twelve numbers have been stolen from the clock face of The Emerald Khroniker. All the clues needed to find this, real world, buried treasure can be found in the book The Clock Without A Face ( Be the first to dig up one of these emerald studded numbers and it's yours.


Eleven numbers have been found, Check out the Solutions Page for all the details.

Junior Deducer Hunt-Card - The official website has confirmed that each level (1-12) will point to a State, Highway, and Mile. The first 100 detectives to correctly complete and submit a HUNT CARD will receive an official Junior Deducer membership kit.

Help Update This Site...

Now that the State-Highway-Mile theory has been confirmed, help beef up those sections for each floor.

States has been created to make it easier to find possible locations to dig. If you think you know which state a particular floor points to, add it.

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