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Third Floor

The Third Floor is home to Rosa Tse-Levy. The emerald number 11 was found May 22, 2010, using clues from the Third Floor.

Animated Scene From Official Website[]

  • Room with kiln
  • Picture Caption: "Oops"
  • Animation: Clay sculpture falls from kiln and breaks.


  • 445 - appears backword in a mirror in the main room.
  • 5 - The orange shelf/sculpture in front of the oven is the kanji for the number 5 (五)
  • 6 - The orange shelf/sculpture in front of the oven also looks like the number six.

Recurring Themes[]

  • Stolen Item From Another Floor: Travis Pupkin's magnifying glass from the First Floor is on the drawing table.
  • Missing Item Found On Another Floor: Rosa is missing a 12-headed self-portrait statue, which is found in Munari Bakula's laundry basket on the Ninth Floor.
  • Pink Doughnuts: Halfway along the lower left wall next to the faucet. A second pink donut appears on the table full of brushes by the orange shelf/sculpture.
  • Eye: Hanging on a line in the dark room. Also on wall over tv.
  • Clocks: Clock radio on wall in darkroom. Time is 12 o'clock.
  • Leak: Spilled green paint on windowsill outside apartment? Faucet is dripping and sink is full, wet sponge on sink edge is dripping.

Other Items of Interest[]

  • Resident's name probably derived from C'est La Vie, a common French expression meaning, "That's life." (Posted by freebornai on Unfiction website Wed Apr 28, 2010 1:34 am.)
  • The painting of cakes behind the faucet is a variation of Wayne Thiebaud's "Cakes," painted in 1963. He was born in Mesa, Arizona, in 1912. Theibaud lived in Los Angeles, California for a large part of his life.
  • The painting of the Los Angeles swimming pool is by the English artist David Hockney, "A Bigger Splash" painted in 1967. Hockney was born in 1937 in Bradford, England.
  • The Standard gas station is by Ed Ruscha (pronounced "roo-SHAY"). It was inspired from a station in Amarillo, Texas, along Route 66 and part of a book of his photographs called "Twentysix Gasoline Stations." Ruscha was born in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1937. Like Theibaud, Ruscha spent most of his adult life in Los Angeles, California.
  • Mickey Mouse - Florida or California?
  • Picture behind pool and gas station - "Ocean Park No. 67" by Richard Diebenkorn. Founder of the Bay Area Figurative Movement, Diebenkorn lived in San Francisco, Palto Alto, and Berkeley, California.
  • Bettmann Archive, "Out of the Park" (Mickey Mantle), 1956. Mantle played for the New York Yankees.
  • "Artforum" Magazine (bedroom) was first published in San Francisco, then Los Angeles, and now in New York.

State - Highway - Mile[]

A copy of The Clock Without a Face can be seen on the Fifth Floor. Residents Vera Mazel & Josie Grey are self-described puzzle people. When discussing the book, Vera asks for help saying that she had found the state and the mile, but can't find the highway. This has lead to the speculation that each buried number can be found by deducing a state, highway, and mile for each floor using clues found on each floor. The following section can be used for documenting any speculation as to which state, mile, and highway to which this floor may hint.


Final Solution:

  • California

Past thoughts:

  • The eye, mouth and oval mirror (?) on the wall could be a rebus for Idaho (Eye + duh + O).
  • Most of the artwork by the sink links to California.
  • The mirror could spell out OHIO (oh+hi+oh)


Final Solution:

  • Interstate 5

Past thoughts:

  • The eye painting can stand for "interstate". There are five teeth the in the paintning of the mouth. This can mean the I-5. Or if you count the missing tooth. The Pacific Coast Highway is 1.

Mile Marker[]

Final Soulution:

  • 445, under a tree in the parking lot of the southbound rest area (on the west side).

Emerald Number Found[]

  • 11.==References==

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